Invest in self-consumption
is synonymous with savings.

We finance your installation of photovoltaic solar panels for 3kW for 7 years.
…for the same price that the network would cost you.

Your own
solar farm

The roof of your business (or house) can be a solar garden from which you collect the fruits. It is possible that you consume what you produce. If you have more need you can always use the electricity network and sell what you have, all in one guaranteed bill, a single interlocutor that ensures you always have what you need.

your surplus

If you produce more than what you consume, we assure you the sale of that surplus. We are the only company that proposes that you consume your own energy. We are a marketer that sets the foundations of the future, pioneers in self-consumption by solar energy.

Savings formula

Taking into account that in Spain there are about 2,000 hours of sunshine per year, with a 3kW installation, we have 6,000 kWh in one year for self-consumption.

With an energy price of 15 cents you would pay 95.46 € / month of electricity for 6,000 kWh / year, and with your own consumption you will pay 95 € / month for your installation with 6,000 kWh per year included.

33 years FREE

( 6.000 kWh FREE )


Practical example

Cents €/kWh 2018 Years amortization (6.000 kWh/year) Amortization with IPC = 3% Profitability without IPC
15 5,2 4,9 19,1%
14 5,6 5,3 17,8%
13 6,0 5,6 16,5%
12 6,6 6,0 15,3%
11 7,1 6,5 14,0%
10 7,9 7,3 12,7%
9 8,7 7,8 11,4%
  • The installation is done in 24/48 hours.
  • Need a surface of up to 20m2 without shadows.
  • The maintenance and sale of excess energy in your electricity bill.

Solar calculator