Bring us a client

Do you want to save even more? CALL US CLIENTS, whether they are acquaintances, relatives or friends, you can save on all your SOLELEC bills.

Bring SOLELEC to your family who have a power greater than 10 KW and we will give you permanent discounts.
You can benefit from bonuses for your entire life.

For every client that contracts SOLELEC and comes from you, you will obtain a great saving, always in relation to the consumption that is demanded.

If you bring us a 2.0A we discount the prescriber € 1 on each invoice = € 12 per year.
If you bring us a 2.1A we discount 2 € to the prescriber on each invoice = 24 € per year.
If you bring us a 3.0A or 3.1a we discount € 3 to the prescriber on your bill = € 36 per year.

Valid throughout the duration of the contract with SOLELEC.
* Max. 20 customers for each holder of a SOLELEC contract

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